Enveritas Energy

“Enveritas have helped us manage commodity risk in a very challenging environment, navigate ever changing regulatory pathways and market our ethanol to a range of oil and gas majors.  They have worked in partnership with us and continue to promote continuous improvement.  We have also had a lot of fun in the process.”

Shane Chrapko,
CEO Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P
First certified Integrated Bio Refinery ™ on Earth.  Producing the world's lowest-Carbon biofuel. 

“Enveritas have helped us with a wide variety of projects from back–up generators to prime power applications to powering irrigation pumps.  With unreliable grid power and rising diesel and electricity prices, they helped us find alternatives we had not previously utilized.  Enveritas’s team are partners we can rely on.” 

Jordan Sears,
Sears Ranches

“We have worked with Enveritas Energy on a variety of projects in the past 2 years from electrical installations to gas fitting to HVAC upgrades.  They have been open and honest in all of their dealings with us and have worked to find synergies between our businesses that have been mutually beneficial.  I have recommended Enveritas to many of our commercial and industrial clients as we have seen the benefits of working with them first hand.”

Dave Smith,
General Manager Concept Group

“We had an energy audit in 2012 and have since worked with Enveritas to move to a different natural gas supplier, saving us 10% off our bills.  We have also changed our compressed air system and shaved our peak power significantly in the past year.  We are also installing a natural gas generator to further reduce our power purchases.  They have been very helpful & came up with easily implemented cost-saving measures for our energy needs.  We would recommend Enveritas Energy and enjoy working with them.”

Brenda Greig,
Office Manager. 2W Livestock Equipment

“Working with Enveritas Energy we have benefitted from their broad network of connections in the global Petroleum and Commodities industries to unlock new and creative ideas to enhance our product offering.”

Evan Chrapko,
CEO Himark biogas
Engineering the World's Biggest, most Profitable and Patented Biogas Plants since 1999

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