Enveritas Energy

Our Customer fall into a variety of sectors throughout Western Canada:

Intensive Livestock Feedlots
Cow Calf
Office Buildings
Property Developers
Processing Plants
BioFuel Plants

Be it new or existing facilities, energy usage has become a growing part of the operational costs for many facilities.  Ensuring that the purchasing strategy meets with the risk profile of the business is a key to remaining competitive.  Our consulting services for industrial customers have been wide ranging, a few examples are:

  • Energy Audits
  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Gas and Power renegotiation with utilities
  • Diesel and Gasoline supply agreement negotiation
  • Air compressor upgrades to reduce leaks
  • Natural Gas peak Shaving Generators
  • Road haulage transport agreement negotiations. 
  • Electrical design and installation for expansions
  • Gas and Power Line GPS mapping to prevent line strikes
  • Maintenance program design

Case Study: Metal Fabrication Factory Southern Alberta
Envertias Energy helped the facility with the following:

  •  Energy audit of the facilities
  • Assistance in developing air quality survey of the facility
  • Assistance developing ventilation system design for the facility.
  • Real time power monitoring to detect and repair leaks in a compressed air system. 
  • Installation of a 300kW natural gas generator
  • Improved Natural gas supply contract, saving 10% on natural gas purchasing costs

Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P. Integrated Bio Refinery™ Vegreville, Alberta

Growing Power Hairy Hill (GPHH) www.growingpower.com is the first certified Integrated Bio Refinery ™ on Earth.  Producing the world's lowest-Carbon biofuel.   GPHH engaged the services of Enveritas Energy to help with the commercial preparation for start-up and subsequent marketing of their low carbon ethanol. 
This project is very unique in North America as the integration of a large feedlot, a biogas digester and ethanol plant enables the project to offer a unique product to the North American market.  This integration enjoys patent protection in the USA and is patent pending in many other countries. 
Some examples of the work Enveritas helps GPHH with are:

  • Contract negotiation for ethanol and carbon credit sales.
  • Regulatory applications throughout North America
  • Hedging and risk management strategy development
  • Negotiating logistics agreements
  • Representation at industry functions
  • Providing commodity market information
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