Enveritas Energy

Our Customer fall into a variety of sectors throughout Western Canada:

Intensive Livestock Feedlots
Cow Calf
Office Buildings
Property Developers
Processing Plants
BioFuel Plants

Property management companies are faced with multiple challenges, maintaining budgets in the face of rising energy costs and managing the interface between tenants and building owners.  We have helped our commercial customers with: 

  • Energy Audits
  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Power Factor Correction on large motor loads
  • Educating tenants about conservation
  • Building automation system changes to eliminate waste
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Property Developers
Property Developers have sought our advice when in the design phase of new comminutes and developments.  Which options really work in Alberta and what are the paybacks?  We offer independent advice and create solutions to property developers.  At Enveritas Energy we understand that powering and heating a community or building is one element of realising a developer’s vision for a project.  Together we have devised creative solutions for new developments at the design stages. 

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