Enveritas Energy

Our Customer fall into a variety of sectors throughout Western Canada:

Intensive Livestock Feedlots
Cow Calf
Office Buildings
Property Developers
Processing Plants
BioFuel Plants

Projects in the Agricultural sector have included work with Intensive Livestock Feedlots, Cow Calf Operations, Irrigation projects and Greenhouses. 

Examples of how we have assisted our Customers are:

  • Energy Audits
  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Power Factor Correction on large motor loads
  • Gas and Power renegotiation with utilities
  • Natural Gas peak Shaving Generators
  • Back up Diesel Generators
  • Power Generation for Irrigation Pivots and Water Pumping
  • Electrical design and installation for expansions
  • Gas and Power Line GPS mapping to prevent line strikes
  • Solar for Off Grid Watering
  • Heat Free Livestock Waterers
  • Maintenance program design
  • Co-generation project research
  • Diesel and gasoline supply agreement negotiation

Case Study: Remote Livestock Watering project examples; Bassano, Millarville, Wetaskawin, Alberta

High power bills due to heating water in the winter is a common enquiry for Enveritas.  It was the subject of an article in Alberta Beef Magazine by our Director Anna De Paoli in May 2012.  The conventional way of heating water with 1000 or 1500 watt electric heaters in un-insulated troughs is both expensive and inefficient.  Particularly in the winter of 2012 when power rates spiked it was a large cost for many operators. 

We have also had many enquiries from farmers and equestrian operators to assist with remote livestock watering where there is no access to power or very high power bills from water heaters.  To help with this challenge Enveritas sought products to alleviate this and identified products from CAP Solar (www.capsolar.com) as a practical solution for these projects.
The photos below show the installations of off grid waters which enable year round watering and better cattle rotation.  They can be used in both well and dug out applications. 

Envertias also helped farmers gain funding through Alberta Agriculture to cover part of the capital cost for these installations

Case Study: Greenhouse, Southern Alberta

Enveritas was asked to perform an energy audit of the facility which was under new ownership to identify opportunities for power and gas savings and also to investigate the feasibility of cogeneration at the greenhouse. 
Enveritas produced a report for the greenhouse management to help them to:

  •  Select an appropriate risk management strategy for power and gas procurement
  • Seek wholesale gas rates as they are a large consumer of gas
  • Identify maintenance and safety upgrades for the site
  • Establish a load inventory for back up generation sizing at the site
  • Enact a pro-active maintenance program for the ongoing operation
  • Identify $13,000 per annum of low hanging fruit energy savings through operational changes that required no or low capital to obtain. 
  • Budgetary quotations for a cogeneration project at the site

Case Study: 25,000 head feedlot Southern Alberta

Enveritas was asked to assist the feedlot with the design and implementation of backup power due to poor quality utility power at the site.  This project drew in scope to include many additional aspects to help with electrical safety at the site and energy efficiency upgrades.  Some of the highlights are:

  •  Developing a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for the electrical and mechanical systems
  • Thermal scan of electrical distribution systems to detect hot spots for fire prevention and preventative maintenance. 
  • Correcting power factor from 0.5 to 0.95 to generate electrical savings.
  • Comprehensive line location and GPS mapping of the site to produce a 3D, interactive map showing all gas, power and water lines. 
  • Installation of a 130kW natural gas generator for peak shaving
  • Installation of natural gas engines to run water pumps rather than diesel with associated large fuel savings.
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