Enveritas Energy

Enveritas Energy is a team of energy consultants based in Calgary, Alberta who help our Customers with all sorts of electricity, diesel, gasoline, natural gas and power generation projects. Based on our experience in the global energy industry we help our customers in four main areas:

- Searching out new and innovative energy solutions to help reduce power and gas bills.
- Negotiating the best deals possible with energy companies and regulators.
- Promoting de-centralized energy at industry conferences and with regulators to help obtain choice for power and gas consumers.
- Striving for continuous improvement and operational excellence to help our customers succeed in their business.

Key elements to our business model are:

Energy Education
Understanding power, gas and water consumption & benchmarking against similar facilities, evaluating rate plans and offering alternatives that meet our customer's risk management strategies. Educating employees on conservation to save both wasted energy and money.

How much are you paying and are there ways to save?

Energy Conservation
Looking for opportunities to eliminate waste through process changes, energy efficiency, and maintenance programs.

Conservation; ways to save energy and money.

Energy Generation
At Enveritas we support the concept that generating power at the point of demand is, in many cases more efficient and cost effective than purchasing power from the grid. Examples of this are natural gas generators, co-generation or solar micro-generators. We have helped design projects for both back up and prime power, on and off grid situations.

What are the options for power generation at your site?

At Enveritas Energy we offer options that you may not have previously considered and will always give an honest opinion. There is no one size fits all model for our Customers so we don't promote one.

We are also known for a "get it done" mentality, we believe in action and offer project management for all of the energy recommendations we make. Whether this is negotiating with utilities, regulatory authorities, suppliers or contractors our project managers can help.
The power and gas supply landscape in Alberta is complex and billing is often confusing. Whether it be an existing facility, a new expansion or a whole new project we help our Customers to make informed choices about the options available.


Curtis Chandler - Director

Curtis’s entire professional career has been in the energy space, with emphasis on natural gas and electricity trading and brokerage. Curtis is the principal of Progressive Fuels Limited (PFL), a leading U.S. biofuels, crude oil, RINs and railcar brokerage, and Canax Energy Inc., Canada’s #1 ranked electricity broker. Under Curtis’ guidance, PFL has grown from a 2-man startup to one of the top 3 biofuels brokerages and the leading RINs broker in the US. Previously, Curtis held the position of head trader at Dynegy Canada Inc., and co-founded Intercontinental Energy Brokers Inc. in London, England, Blackstone Energy Services Inc. in Toronto, Canada, and the Alberta Hub natural gas storage facility in Alberta, Canada.

Bruce Chandler - Director

Bruce has a successful, 40-year track record of starting up, owning and operating companies in the energy space. Bruce’s first company, B.E. Chandler Inc., specialized in the installation, operation and long-term maintenance of heating appliances at over 2,000 locations in Canada. Subsequent to B.E. Chandler, Bruce was founder or a director of: Great West Energy Ltd. (sold to Talisman), Novagas Clearinghouse Ltd. (sold to Dynegy) and Intercontinental Energy Brokers (sold to ICAP). Bruce also was the founder and co-developer of the Alberta Hub, a 50 million gigajoule natural gas storage facility. Bruce draws on his extensive experience and network to guide Enveratis Energy Inc. along his familiar path of success.

Darren Achtymichuk P.Eng. - Project Engineer

Darren is the newest member of the Enveritas team and we are delighted to have his skills and expertise for the role of project engineer. Darren brings a diverse background in agriculture and engineering; he has an M.Sc., in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta where his research covered the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of transportation systems. After graduating, he spent three years with Himark bioGas, an Alberta-based renewable energy firm. At Himark, Darren contributed to a wide variety of projects including feasibility studies, laboratory and pilot testing, greenhouse gas emission and energy modeling, and preparing process design packages for large scale industrial facilities. Having grown up on a farm, Darren has a passion for agriculture and he is still actively involved in running the family grain farm near Vegreville, Alberta.

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